T-Pain Offers Insight Into His Daily Ritual

T-Pain Offers Insight Into His Daily Ritual

T-Pain knows what he wants. He doesn’t appreciate being chided over his desire to escape into digital realms In fact, he relishes every opportunity.

In a new interview with Vice, the legendary Florida icon reveals his love of video games.

“Rappers are supposed to take themselves seriously,” reflects Pain, controller in hand. “They don’t involve themselves in fantasy worlds.” Pain is having none of that. Infact, he seems to prefer fantasy to the real-life alternative. “On a normal day I can easily set in a solid sixteen hours.”

T-Pain also steps in to defend fans of Lets-Plays and Twitch Streams.

“The non gamers will tell [you] ‘that’s so stupid, you’re watching somebody play games. You look dumb’…And then immediately go in the other room and watch football players play games. You’re not playing football! You’re watching people play football!” If you’re interested, I’ve included a link to T-Pain live streaming some Overwatch on his Twitch feed below.

Throughout the video, T-Pain also talks about his obsession with drum machines, which largely comes down to a love of the aesthetics.

“Every time my wife sees a Guitar Center, she tells me ‘babe, there’s a Guitar Center.” He already knows what’s about to go down.

“I go in there and come out with tons of shit I don’t need. My house is full of unopened drum machines.”

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